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14 March 2001

Targeting Your In Box
The SF Gate has an article on a new scheme by some sites to scam your email address so they can spam you. Most detestable.

Email Encryption
AP has an article about how the number of email users that actually use encryption is low.

2 March 2001

Online Privacy
Matthew McGlynn has compiled a list of links so you can protect your online privacy by opting out of the third-party tracking cookies slapped onto your computer by the larger banner-ad networks. -- Thanks, Macintouch!

1 March 2001

Workplace Privacy
Sorry for the oxymoron, but Wired has an article on the rise in employer snooping.

Browser Fun
If you are using IE 5 as your browser, you may notice some new things when your cursor hovers over links...

More Charity Clicks
I'm adding some more charity sites for your clicking pleasure.

Clear Landmines is another site dedicated to the eradication of active land mines, this time from our friends in the Great White North. It's a one-click-a-day site.

Web Releaf is a joint effort between the Environmental News Network and American Forests' Global Releaf project. Every 20 clicks plants a tree, though you can only click once per day.

As any gradeschooler should be able to tell you, we need as many trees as we can get, as they provide us with oxygen, so get to clicking.

Here We Go Again...
I dare anyone to show me where in the Constitution it says "separation of church and state." Don't point to the First Amendment either.

It seems that some people still haven't learned there is no such thing. I hope and pray that the Good News Club prevails in court. If these judges were interested in strict adherence to the law instead of being interpretive activists, the Good News Club would be meeting at the school right now.

The parents of the kids in the Good News Club pay their taxes just like everyone else for that school. The school allows other non-school activities to take place on school property after hours, and thus the school board should allow the Good News Club to meet there after school as well.

And will someone remind the ACLU that we have freedom of religion in this country, and not freedom from religion? -- Thanks, Kelly!

PowerBook G4 Kicking Butt
Two great reviews of the PowerBook G4 from the San Jose Mercury News and BusinessWeek Online. -- Thanks, Kelly and MacSurfer!

February Archives
A new Archives page has been set up so you can check out DigiPem news from August 2000 until now. The February news has been archived.



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