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22 February 2001

10:30 am
Yet Another Reason to Use a Mac...
Sometimes -- not often, but sometimes -- Microsoft does right by the Mac.

Thinking of picking up a ZipCD because they're cheap? Before you do, read David Ross's review on ATPM. My APS SCSI CD-R has the same speed specs as this thing, and has been rock-solid. My guess is that a lot of people will pick up a ZipCD simply because of the the Zip brand Iomega has been so successful at promoting.

Top 10 Reasons for Email to Disappear
ZDNet has a good article on how email can come back and bite you, and why coming up with disappearing email is a good thing.

20 February 2001

Science Fair Debacle
So have you heard about the latest fiasco to come out of the American public school system? You can read the article; I'll just comment. Just know that an eight-year-old had her project, called "Does Skin Color Make a Difference?" yanked after being on display for only an hour. Yeah, let's really build up the self-esteem and confidence of an elementary school student obviously interested in the scientific field with the never-ending "let's not talk about it and it will go away" mentality. This is a great way to teach kids to think for themselves.

Oh, I forgot. This is America. Heaven forbid our children learn to think about something other than PlayStation and MTV. Just remember, boys and girls, if it makes you uncomfortable, censor it! -- Thanks, Kelly and Slashdot

16 February 2001

I'm Back!
Miss me? Probably not. Well, after a hiatus thanks to the the neanderthals at Jumpline and InterNIC, the site is back up and I've found time to do a quick update.

My gracious host decided that due to the bandwidth of his other domains, he needed to move to a less-costly hosting company. When he told Jumpline he was doing so, they pulled the plug on us too early, and InterNIC took their sweet time connecting the domain to the new IP addresses.

At any rate, I'm back, and here's some stuff you may have missed...

New Affiliate
We welcome our favorite pet supply store, PETsMART, as an official digitalpembroke affiliate. We like PETsMART because the only animals they sell are fish and rodents. When it comes to cats and dogs, they partner with local shelters and SPCAs to hold adoption days on the weekends. So if you have a PETsMART in your area, you can shop there guilt-free, knowing that the puppies and kitties aren't coming from mills, like in a lot of other pet stores.

They're offering a good deal right now for first-time online customers, so take advantage of the special for your pet supplies.

Toy Gun Ban
Are you kidding me? US Rep Ed Towns (D-New York (big surprise!), Brooklyn) is actually proposing a federal law to "ban toys which in size, shape or overall appearance resemble real handguns." Puh-leaze...

Mind you, this is this same Ed Towns who took issue with the Texas penal system over the execution of rapist and murderer Gary Graham, who defied execution for 18 years. And know that according to the National Safety Council, children age 0 - 14 are 30 times more likely to die accidentally in a motor vehicle than by a firearm. This is simply sheer insanity.

Childish behavior seems to be the norm amongst the former Clinton/Gore administration, making this, behind the scenes at least, a less than peaceful transfer of power. And let's call things for what they are -- this was vandalism, not a bunch of "pranks."

M$ servers fall down, go boom
Several Microsoft servers were taken down earlier in the month, including Microsoft.com, MSN.com, and MSNBC.com. How in the world could this ever happen to a company noted for its ingenuity, its intelligence, its innovation? Couldn't have anything at all to do with a shoddy network operating system, could it?

And M$ expects us to what?
So you may be saying, so what? A few of Microsoft's servers were down and people couldn't visit. Big whoop, right? Well, when a company decides to tie its software in so closely with the Internet, all sorts of problems abound.

Microsoft wants to move you completely online with its .NET initiative, where your copy of Word or Excel would be hosted on a Microsoft server somewhere. After witnessing their ineptitude in keeping their own servers from attack this past week, you want to trust them as your only source of using business applications?

Wolf Fun Fact #2: a wolf's fur does not collect ice when warm breath from other animals condenses on it. Cool, huh?



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