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- 24 September 00 -

Day Four pictures from Kaua'i are up.

I've also moved all the news items from August into a news archive, and posted my resume on its own page.

- 21 September 00 -

Well, digitalpembroke.com has joined the ranks of the e-commercial and has become an affiliate of Barnes & Noble. More on this announcement to come.

In the meantime, you can get Tom Clancy's latest from bn.com at 40% off by clicking on the graphic below. I hope to have a review on the site for The Bear and The Dragon soon.

Tom Clancy superstore

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Now, you too can sit on your duff and click a button to help people out. Thanks to generous sponsors who actually pay for the goods, your clicks can feed those who are starving, purchase irreplaceable rainforest (which gives off the most oxygen in the world - you know, that stuff we need to breath), and provide funds for children AIDS research. Click on any of the links for these sites, located on the left hand side of this page.

Be sure to bookmark these sites and go by daily to click. Takes only seconds of your time. Just keep in mind that you can only click once per day...

- 12 September 00 -

Day Three pics from Kaua'i are now up!

- 11 September 00 -

Chris & Kelly's first pics from the Aloha State. Check out what we did in Hawai'i on Day One or Day Two.

- 7 September 00 -

palm tree icon pic

My wife and I are off to our vacation in the beautiful Aloha State. We'll be splitting our time between the islands of Kaua'i and Mau'i. Be sure to check back for pictures in the coming week.



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