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- 29 August 00 -

So a coworker and I decided to play a prank on our boss upon his return from vacation. See what we did to his office here...

- 1 August 00 -

digitalpembroke.com version 2.0!

The site has undergone a redesign and has a new logo, courtesy of my friend and coworker, Francisco Leung. I have also started an email announcement list for my family and friends to let them know when something new has been added. If you aren't on the announcement list and would like to be, send me an email here.

In case you've never been here before, which is a good bet, this is the web home of yours truly, Christopher Turner. Herein you'll find rants, essays, reviews, observations, notes, the occasional desktop pic, and even some dog and cat stuff. Enjoy!

I have written a couple of reviews and columns for my favorite e-zine, About This Particular Macintosh. You can view them at ATPM's site, or follow them from here.

I am currently working at Verizon Information Systems, in the part of the company formerly known as GTE Directories, to support my writing and computing habits. You can check out my resume here.



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