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06 January 2001

Gunnery.Net is a web site devoted to firearms and the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. It is run by an old-bear, retired-Special Forces, Viking warhorse by the name of Marv Stenhammar. Marv has become a good friend, even though we have never met, and have never even spoken on the phone! Yours truly attempts to help copy edit the site as time allows.

I encourage you to check out Gunnery.Net for firearms-related news you won't find anywhere else. Sign up for the Gunnery Newsletter and have stories emailed to your in box each day.

Stranger Than Fiction Empty Web Site
Hint:Use your browser to View Source on this page... -- Thanks, Lee!

Great Quote
While I am not a rabid environmentalist, I believe that Man should do his best to live in harmony with the natural world. This quote speaks volumes:

"If all the beasts were gone, men would die from a great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts also happens to the man.

All things are connected.

Whatever befalls the Earth, befalls the sons of the Earth."

-- Chief Seattle of the Suwamish Tribe, from a letter to President Franklin Pierce

Wolves belong in our world, and their survival serves as a barometer of how well man is treating the environment overall. As part of the wild world, wolves play an important part in the balance of nature, and without them, all of nature suffers. To some extent, hearing the call of the wild things at night lets us know that the world is doing better than if everything were silent. -- from the 2001 Wolves desk calendar

Wolf Fun Fact #1
The gray wolf was once the most widely distributed species of wild dog in the world, but after centuries of persecution and habitat destruction, its range has been greatly diminished. -- from the 2001 Wolves desk calendar

Adopt a Wolf
While farmers and ranchers are complaining about the re-introduction of wolves into parts of the country where they used to roam free, the wolf is important to our ecosystem. Help with their recovery by adopting a wolf. There are several worthy organizations running adoption programs, the most popular being Defenders of Wildlife. You can check out this list of adoption orgs as well.

05 January 2001

Redesign, Schmeedesign
Okay, so I decided to forego the font thing. On the one hand, I had a hard time deciding which one(s) to set up in the code. On the other hand, that independence streak, letting the reader decide which font they like, was pushing hard. User choice won out.

I have also completed the wholesale conversion of all GIFs over to PNGs. Burn your GIFs, too!

I have added a few new items to the bar on the right, including a link to my favorite ezine, About This Particular Macintosh, which I have been associated with for a little more than two years. You can also check out the cartoons I dig.

Speaking of fonts...
I decided to leave it up to the reader to determine their viewing font; after all, it's your eyes. I would like to offer some suggestions however.

First, I use Marty Pfeiffer's excellent Nu Sans font for just about all of my screen viewing: web browser, email client, newsgroup reader, et al. I even use Nu Sans as my default font in BBEdit, the software I use to design and maintain this site.

Nu Sans is based on the old Espy Sans font originally designed by Apple for use in their eWorld online service software, except, as Marty puts it, "no jaggies," a common problem if you wanted to use the font at higher than 12 points. Marty has an entire "Nu" suite of fonts, including a serif version, so I encourage you to check them out. You do have to pay for them, though the cost is small (much smaller than commercial fonts, and they're just as good as those commercial fonts), and Marty does have demo versions available for you to try. FYI, I have no affiliation with Marty other than being a very happy customer.

My other favorite sans serif fonts for web viewing are Verdana and Trebuchet MS, and they are freely available from Microsoft. If you have Internet Explorer or Outlook Express installed, it's a good bet those fonts are already installed as well.

Microsoft also happens to make one of my favorite serif fonts: Georgia. Times/Times New Roman are also good fonts for viewing pages with.

December archives
It seems that digitalpembroke has turned into a bit of a web log, commonly called a blog. So if you want to see all of the stuff I posted for December, from privacy links to economy URLs to computer industry stories, go to the December archives.

To learn more about web logs, and how you can get your own, I encourage you to check our Rebecca Blood's weblog history, as well as a just-published article on the subject on ATPM.

03 January 2001

Welcome to the New Millennium/Century/Year...
New year, new century, new millennium. Must mean it is time for changes for digitalpembroke.com. I decided to specify a font to aid in uniformity, and I just about have all of my GIFs converted to PNGs. More on that later...

Farewell, Tigger
I found out from my mom that last night they had to put the family cat, Tigger, to sleep. He had a rare form of feline diabetes that did not consistently respond to insulin; his case was even studied by folks at the University of Alabama Vet School. He finally reached a state where prolongment of life was possible, but quality of life would never improve.

Tigger, during more healthy times, 4 years ago

Tigger was the first real family pet. Before that, due to allergies between my sister and myself, we were limited to goldfish. We grew out of our allergies, and eventually ended up with Tigger. He would have been 14 in April. I'll miss him.



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