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23 November 2000

Gobble, gobble
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

21 November 2000

digitalpembroke.com v3.0 is online! Like the new look? Hate it? Not that I care; after all, it is my site! Let me know what you think. Another big update today...

Day Nine from Mau'i
As our Hawai'ian vacation wound down, we spent our next to last day on the islands on a snorkel trip off Mau'i's southwestern coast.

Apple kicking butt and taking awards
Congratulations, Apple! Not only has Apple Computer taken the prestigious Popular Mechanics Design & Engineering Award, with the Power Mac G4 Cube being the only computer entry, but the Cube has also garnished Home Office Computing's Product of the Year Award for 2000. The PowerBook G3 received a Silver in the Deluxe Notebook category. As a matter of fact, Apple seemed to be on a roll in HOC's Silvers: the 15-inch Apple Studio Display took the Silver in the LCD Monitor, and Silver was the color for Apple's Airport in the Home Network category.

Not to be outdone, Popular Science bestowed its Design & Engineering Award 2001 on the Cube in its Best of What's New 2000 category. Thanks, MacNN!

Gateway, Schmateway
Seems like the long-anticipated, long-rumored Apple retail stores will come to fruition, according to this story from the San Jose Mercury News. Expect Jobs to make the official announcement at Macworld Expo SF in January.

In Other News...
"Bill Clinton got tired of competing for airtime with the 'Al and Joe Show' and left for Vietnam. Notably, it will be Clinton's first visit to Vietnam -- apparently some other young man from his hometown of Hope, Arkansas, had to go in his place back in 1969." Thanks, Federalist!

Quote of the Week
"Regrettably, and recklessly, during the past 100 hours the Gore campaign has begun to poison the wellspring of American democracy. We are beginning to see the early consequences: street demonstrations, protests, increasing acrimony and bitterness. Things will only get worse, far worse, if they prolong this ordeal. To use a favorite Gore campaign phrase, 'You ain't seen nothing yet'." -- Bill Bennett

Now That The Shoe Is On The Other Foot...
Serbian President Vojislav Kostunica deployed more than 30,000 peacekeeping troops to the U.S. Monday. "We must do all we can to support free elections in America and allow democracy to gain a foothold there." -- from The Onion

Hamilton's Crystal Ball
More from The Federalist:
In Federalist No. 68, Alexander Hamilton writes that the Electoral College must insulate presidential elections from "cabal, intrigue, and corruption." He notes further, "These most deadly adversaries of republican government might naturally have been expected to make their approaches fro more than one quarter, but chiefly from the desire in foreign powers to gain an improper ascendant in our councils. How could they better gratify this, than by raising a creature of their own to chief magistry of the Union?"

We suppose it was apparent, even 200 years ago, that one day the Chinese would buy themselves a U.S. President.

9 November 2000

Electoral Concern
Think we should do away with the electoral college? Wrong! Casting your vote for another to cast a vote for president may mathematically be the best way to preserve our democratic republic. Read about it. Thanks, Michael!

Online Banking Security
Taking your banking online? Then you may want to check out this article before committing. If you are already banking online, there are some questions you may want to ask your bank.

Chris agrees with Clinton?
As difficult a concept as that is for some of you to grasp, it's true. I actually agree with Bill Clinton on something. Seems he vetoed a bill designed to prevent leaks of classified information. This bill sounds like a good idea, right? Read this first, before jumping to that conclusion. If this was law, we would have never gotten the Pentagon Papers, which exposed to the American public the truth about Vietnam.

You can read Clinton's statement regarding the veto, as well as the full text of the bill. Needless to say, I'm very disappointed in this Republican-majority Congress's disregard for the First Amendment in this case. Thanks to Slashdot for the story.

If you're one of the thousands of consumers thinking of purchasing a Sony PlayStation 2 - when they become more plentiful - to get a cheap DVD player for your home entertainment center, you may want to check this article out first. If you feel you really can't wait, then you'll have to take your chances on eBay.

8 November 2000

Wow. I don't think anyone thought the Prez race would be this tight...

I just never want to hear again from anyone that their vote doesn't count. The one good thing about the election being this close is that it offers hope to all those disenfrachised voters who feel they don't make a difference. You do.

More Election 2000
I'm disappointed to see that the citizens of New York have lived down to their intellect and elected a reverse carpetbagger to the Senate. Hey morons, what has Hillary ever done for your state? That's just stupidity, plain and simple.

And my congratulations to the ultimate in stupidity to the citizens of Missouri in voting in a dead guy to office. While I feel for the former governor's family, I don't think his death warrants a sympathy vote for his wife, who will be appointed to his post, at least temporarily.

Hawai'i Continued
Day Eight is up! Join Kelly and I as we go higher than we ever have before outside of an airliner...

More Help Sites
The organization with runs The Hunger Site, The Rainforest Site, and The Kids AIDS Site now has two more sites for you to go click on.

The Child Survival Site, which seeks to donate Vitamin A to underprivileged kids worldwide to fight infectious diseases that we take for granted as being nothing in our country, and The Breast Cancer Site, which hopes to donate mammograms to underprivileged women who may not be able to afford regular checkups.

I have added buttons for these two sites in the column to the left. I encourage you to go to those sites, bookmark them, and go to them every day and click. It costs you nothing but a few moments of time.

October News I've moved all of the October news off to the archives.



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