June 25, 2004

SUT shaping up

I’m sure Honda aficionados at once hoped that the Honda SUT’s super-cool headlamps would make it from the auto show floor to the production line, yet realized that the realities of truck production would not allow that to happen. It appears that reality wins in this case.

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June 24, 2004


So my wife tells me that if I’m going to have a Coke—something I rarely do these days, having pretty much cut soda out of my diet—I should look at the new lower-carb C2.

I had to run to the grocery this evening to get a Caesar salad mix; we grill chicken and put it over the mixed salad, makes a great meal. Up by the registers, they had one of those barrel coolers full of 20-ounce bottles of C2. Why not? I thought.

C2 has less sugar than regular Coke, so I was expecting something closer to Diet Coke, the taste of which I abhor. (Why is it that other diet sodas can taste pretty close to their non-diet counterparts, but Diet Coke fails in that regard? I know, it’s the NutraSweet…)

While C2 doesn’t taste as sweet as regular Coke, I found it not at all unpleasant, and would recommend it to those who seek a low-carb lifestyle. Jon & Co. also liked C2. Not that I’m on a low-carb diet or anything, but I figure if it’s not an inconvenience to obtain a low-carb item, why not?

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June 18, 2004

The crisper sleeve

Riddle me this: if it’s important to put your Lean Pocket in the crisper sleeve prior to microwaving it, so your crust gets, well, crusty, then why not ship the Lean Pocket already in the crisper sleeve?

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