June 24, 2004


So my wife tells me that if I’m going to have a Coke—something I rarely do these days, having pretty much cut soda out of my diet—I should look at the new lower-carb C2.

I had to run to the grocery this evening to get a Caesar salad mix; we grill chicken and put it over the mixed salad, makes a great meal. Up by the registers, they had one of those barrel coolers full of 20-ounce bottles of C2. Why not? I thought.

C2 has less sugar than regular Coke, so I was expecting something closer to Diet Coke, the taste of which I abhor. (Why is it that other diet sodas can taste pretty close to their non-diet counterparts, but Diet Coke fails in that regard? I know, it’s the NutraSweet…)

While C2 doesn’t taste as sweet as regular Coke, I found it not at all unpleasant, and would recommend it to those who seek a low-carb lifestyle. Jon & Co. also liked C2. Not that I’m on a low-carb diet or anything, but I figure if it’s not an inconvenience to obtain a low-carb item, why not?

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