January 08, 2005

Australia to UN: Thanks but no thanks

I am sure to the chagrin of globalists and the looney left, the Howard administration has determined that it will go it alone when it comes to delivering Australian aid to the its tsunami-plagued neighbors in Southeast Asia.

Australia will reject United Nations control and implement its $1 billion aid package to tsunami-ravaged Aceh in partnership with the Indonesian government.

The decision to go it alone is at odds with a US move yesterday to disband its “Coalition of Compassion” group and hand co-ordination of relief efforts to the UN.

Mr. Howard said the Government was not interested in international agencies, including the UN, delivering the Australian aid.

“We’re going to deliver it directly,” he said.

Would that President Bush had shown as much spine when it came to dealing with the swindler Annan and the off-the-top-skimming UN.

[With thanks to Johnno on World_SIG.]

P.S. Johnno added, in a follow-up e-mail to the list:

When you hear certain “charities” quoting “8 or 9 out of every ten cents will get to the victims…..”

Then, of the present donations in excess of $6B, $600M - $1.2B is a hell of a lot of money not being used for its intended purposes. The more “middlemen” that can be cut out of the loop means more food into the mouths of those that desperately need it.


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