December 19, 2004

Zero tolerance equals zero intelligence

James Taranto:

Zero-Tolerance Watch

Chloe Smith, a 14-year-old eighth-grader in Mustang, Okla., was “kicked out of school after drugs were found in her locker,” reports the Enid News:

Smith wasn’t in possession of marijuana or cocaine, but prescription hormones she takes for a chronic condition, polycystic ovarian disease.

During a routine sweep of the school, a drug dog “hit” on her locker. Administrators checked and found the prescription hormones in her purse.

Technically Chloe did violate the rules, which require that students taking prescription drugs surrender them to the school office, which supervises their administration. But the News says it was an honest mistake: “She forgot to take the pills out of her purse after a family outing the evening before.”

The paper reports that “the district has agreed to reduce Chloe’s suspension to 10 days if she agrees to eight hours of mandatory drug counseling and monthly urinalysis screening.” Her parents, quite understandably, say no dice.

I hope Chloe’s parents rip the school district to shreds for this stupidity. I suppose people aren’t allowed to make mistakes except when an intern happens to fall on their crotch.

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