December 03, 2004

A good birthday

Number thirty-four today. It was a good day.

My good friend FranX, who had the day off, decided to spend it with me. We hung out at the house, caught up on one another’s lives, and watched a little Blue Collar Comedy Tour. I was treated to lunch at Chipotle, where I had my favorite, a chicken Burrito Bol. After a couple of errands, we headed back to the house, wherein FranX became fascinated by the Collection software and the IntelliScanner. Within forty minutes, every movie in the house, DVD and VHS, was cataloged, a back-burner project brought to the fore. FranX promptly checked out The Matrix Revolutions and Minority Report, which will be easy to track in Collection’s Lending Manager.

Missus Phisch and the little phisch took me to Abuelo’s for dinner. Yes, Tex-Mex for the entire day! W00t!! Afterwards, a Target run was made, where I scored the Daredevil Director’s Cut for a mere thirteen bucks. (On sale through tomorrow.)

Yessiree, bob, a good birthday indeed.

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