May 17, 2004

Friends vs Frasier

Like David, I enjoyed the Friends series finale, and thought they did a great job with it. However, after viewing the Frasier series finale, I believe that as far as series-enders go, the honors fall firmly in Frasier’s court.

With so much going on in our lives since last August, I had forgotten how clever and witty Frasier was. There is a reason this show has collected more Emmys than any other comedy. Well, lots of reasons, actually, but I feel that the writing for Frasier has always been better than that of Friends.

About three years ago, my wife and I almost gave up on Friends. The writing wasn’t as good as it had been in the past, Monica and Ross had both become about a million times more annoying than in, say, the first three years of the show, and we found ourselves oftentimes rolling our eyes over situations and circumstances the characters found themselves in. I know, I know, it’s just a television show, but it is one that we had watched together since its pilot. We had formed an emotional attachment with the show, and wanted to see it do well. It was our feeling that it wasn’t doing well. The final two years turned the show around, and it finished on a high note.

In the end, my hat is off to the casts and crews of both shows for great runs. I look forward to future visits to Central Perk and a little coffee shop in Seattle, courtesy of syndication.

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