May 05, 2004

Forgotten finale

Friends will be ending tomorrow night, and the nation will be watching. The series is two years shy of being around as long as my wife and I have been married, and we have been fans since the pilot.

There is another show that is wrapping up this year, and it is doing so with zero fanfare. No, I’m not talking about NBC’s other hit, Frasier. I’m referring to the defunct Drew Carey Show.

My wife never cared for the show, but I enjoyed it for several years. That was, until I couldn’t find it any more. My viewership of the show was lost, like many, I’m sure, due to ABC bouncing it around to every time slot available during the work week. You may also notice that ABC currently isn’t running the show; the final season will be broadcast in a two-episodes-a-week format this summer.

(via the Iconfactory)

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